Celebrating diversity. Penguins come in every color.

“The fault you see in your brother is really in you. The world is a mirror.” -Rumi

So today is Martin Luther King Day and I think is the perfect time to really do some self examination. I have glass penguins in every color of the rainbow and I have tried my hardest to lead by example…

That race, religion, or whatever it may be whether a disability or someone who may look or act different then them is an issue. It’s an issue to be celebrated and is an opportunity to learn about someone or something. After that, our differences should be a NON issue. SHOULD.

Unfortunately right now in our world this is a controversial topic. I do believe that we each have a small role to play and I as a mother, stylist, wife and friend take that role seriously.

I am trying to teach my son and daughter how to be secure individuals who accept and celebrate differences in others and many times I find it extremely difficult. I partly blame myself as a stylist and creative person, but I am not so sure that’s healthy for me and so my question is this.

Is it my fault that I am an example of a woman who cares about presentation? I love to put things together no matter what it may be and I only worry that this is creating a child who thinks that perfectionism is expected. How does this relate to accepting others? Well it does because if you will only accept what you think is the right way then you will most likely evolve into a judgmental and critical human being. I don’t want to be viewed that way do you?

I try to go the other way with her, but she is mimicking everything about me that are my flaws! So this circle continues. Certainly I am the same person who cannot get out of the house easily and who’s home is not perfect by any means. We love dogs and a good party. So what can I do to be a better example to my kids? I wonder this week in particular how I can step up my game and help my children be more accepting of others.

Why if I ask for something to be done no matter how small do I get attitude like I am a controlling perfectionist who wants more then I am asking? They all tune me out including our dog and sometimes even my husband….yikes. This is what goes on in my bubble. Interesting how selective listening works in all of us, not just our children. We listen to what we want to hear and are constantly making judgments about the world around us.

So I invite anyone who reads this to take a deep breath. And another. And just try to open your ears and heart because it will make you a better person for that moment. My hope at penguin gifts is that by sharing my little annoyances and day to day insecurities can make others feel like they are not alone. I may complain in my writings but I am certain that each day I have on earth is a gift. Try today to accept people for who they are. Try not to judge someone who looks different to you. No but really.

Why is it so hard for us as individuals to accept when someone wants to do something differently from us? I get it. I used to work with this gal who was so controlling in every project that all the people around her, especially me, wanted to tear our hair out! She especially bugged me because I, too, like to be in charge of things, but I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t more aware of her behavior. At any rate, I ended up changing my position just to get away from her and the sad part is that she is a lovely person other then her work disposition. There is a way to be in charge without micromanaging and critiquing people every minute before letting them have a chance. So I remember how I felt when I wasn’t given a chance every time I want to judge or assume something before I really listen.

I will try this year not react to the little things. Life doesn’t have to be a drama. I certainly don’t want mine to be.

“The best way to say something is to say it, unless remaining silent will say it better.”       -Unknown


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