Danielle here.

So it’s a new year time to make something of yourself. The best way to start is with a great outfit and maybe that can include a penguin sweater! No but seriously, before you can get to your closet you have to pull yourself together and that means COFFEE. (Don’t forget one of our many penguin gift coffee mugs.) I usually saunter downstairs in an angry stupor to my kitchen to get coffee while wearing one of my native american ponchos or feather wraps and my moccasins of course.

Make sure that you make a wish as you pass your penguin gifts dream catcher!

So this morning I washed my face, I was using an natural cleanser, but it was  something for oily skin with a toner from that was gifted to me by a very close friend this holiday season… and a water based moisturizer. I use all vegan products and highly suggest also using essential oils for your skin as well. (more on that another time though.)

It can be a confusion when you are a moody person like I am in the morning!! What should I wear today? How is the weather? I hope its chilly…. but more importantly how am I feeling? If you are an artsy or creative type of person you may identify with what I mean. My mood affects everything in my sphere.

Here is what I ended up with….

The outfit of the day goes as follows:

-Pull over hoodie (if you have to dress professional switch the hoodie for a long sleeve fitted turtleneck top)

-Bomber Jacket with embroidered original native american art over your hoodie or turtleneck.

-Cargo pants with elastic bottom in different color then the jacket of course

-High laced moccasins which are an awesome gift for any young person at the moment…..If you must be professional then a wedge heel will work.

-Accessories, rings, and hair in a top knot with a cool clip. Hand bag? Leather backpack today đŸ˜‰ I am making use of a phone holder as my purse bc its very cool, and because the truth is that I am really wanting something new and great as a handbag. Maybe a penguin embroidered bag? That would be a seriously great gift for this penguin!! And of course you need to have FRINGE!!!


I want to be ready but I am stuck in some bad habits which I will share for the sake of hopefully being held accountable here and trying CHANGE.

If you are anything like me then you will save doing your makeup for the car, a totally dangerous and bad example to children so you must wait until they are dropped off at school to proceed. Between doing my makeup, and answering texts I wonder how I got to this place. Anxiety ridden mornings without even a quick meditation. I know I need to make CHANGES.

And so I wonder. How will I adjust my morning habits and actually follow through?  I feel embarrassed to think is anyone saw how hard it really is for me to get up and out in the early morning. I leave my house like a bomb went off just to get everyone where they need to be and I feel completely frazzled because I have such a hard time waking up…..and then it goes away.

I know many people have this problem and the simple answer is to wake up earlier. But how? I have an old boss who gave me a 2017 day planner and a coffee on the go cup, think she was trying to tell me something with this gift?…I need more then simple guidance. I need sage.

I want my home to look clean and be perfectly updated to my style and represent me and my family’s taste and vibe. SO It is time to sage the house and bring in some good energy while ridding us of the negativity!

Many of us can socially and visually pull things together in their homes with an original flair. SO how can we all have a truly penguin-gift worthy home?

You must find those talents within and work toward being what you are in the truth of your existence? This is the question. There’s that old quote that says something like… when you ask someone for advice you really know the answer. I know that I need to sage my house and bring in the light.

I am now leaving to p/u kids! This penguin will wear sunglasses, biker pants, and undercover sweatshirt that looks like its from the desert. I have on my new bracelet that was another gift from a native american stop on the way to Tucson.

If anyone really loves you the gifts that they give should be something they know you will LOVE. Even if it’s a love letter. Be Awesome.

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